Parables of Change

Parable of the Comfortable Shoe

Throughout our lives we wear many different shoes. We go to the store and try on many pairs until we find the pair that fits the best, looks good and hopefully is a good price. As time goes on the shoe conforms to the shape of our foot and it becomes more comfortable. More time goes by and the shoe starts to show signs of wear. But we don’t mind because it is sooooo comfortable. People may make comments on the wear the shoe has shown over time. But again we don’t mind because the shoe is still soooo comfortable. In our mind, this is the shoe that you will wear for the rest of your life.

Eventually you realize that it is time to go and get a new pair of shoes. You go to the store to find that the ultimate pair of shoes are no longer being made. What short-sighted decision was made by the manufacturer to discontinue the ultimate pair of shoes? The new technology used is not a good reason to keep me happy. We now try and find a shoe that is close to the ultimate pair of shoes. As we try on pair after pair, the shoes do not look as good, they do not fit as well and yes, they are more expensive. We purchase the best possible match and the ultimate shoes become the ‘lawn mowing shoes’, ‘the gardening shoes’ or ‘the camping shoes’. They are still comfortable but are not necessarily appropriate for daily wearing. They are still around but not used as much as they used to. As time goes by, the new pair shoes conform to the shape of your foot and become more comfortable. Improvements are inevitable. We do not necessarily agree at the time but do come accustom to the improvement as time goes on.

We have become very comfortable with our church. The longer we are here the more comfortable it becomes even though there are signs showing it is time for change. We are too busy looking out for ourselves and not a world that needs to know Jesus. The time comes when it is time for a change. At first it may not feel as comfortable as it was but can become comfortable with time, fully realizing that change will again occur in time.